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The Danish rugby club Århus Kørestolsrugby (Århus Wheelchair Rugby) celebrated its 10 year anniversary by hosting Egmont Open on the 6th-8th of April, and the tournament was without a doubt the biggest event in its history as 12 clubs and national teams from most of Europe competed.

The teams were split into two different groups according to strength. The English teams dominated at the very top. The West Coast Crash team who had several players from the English national team won the tournament, with the London Wheelchair Rugby Club coming in at a second place. In the second group Viborg with the Finnish national team players Mauri and Tuuka won against Århus.

Egmont Open Again in 2020

The Egmont Open was as usual held at the Egmont Folk Highschool in Hou in Denmark, which offers world class facilities.

– The teams were very impressed by the facilities at the highschool, where all rooms are wheelchair accessible, said Torben Hahn Nygaard from Århus Kørestolsrugby.

– We are very proud of the fact that so many players, volunteers, and officials wanted to come to Denmark and we can already now promise that the tournament will be held again in 2020, where even more teams have indicated that they will participate, continues Torben who is both a former player and coach for the Danish national team.

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