Who’s behind the tournament

Behind the tournament stands the association “The Association for Improving Quality of Life through Disability Sports” (CVR number: 40681639). We want to improve the quality of life for all participants by giving a unique experience at Egmont Folk school, where everything is accessible and where people from all over Europe meet and ​exchange experience about living with a disability.

The association has set up a working group consisting of people who all have disabilities. The association not only wants to increase the quality of life for all the participants, but also to  the people who are involved in planning of the tournament.

Making a difference to others also makes a difference to oneself.


Foreningen for øget livskvalitet gennem handicapidræt

c/o John M. Hinrup
Sjørslevvej 8
8620 Kjellerup
CVR-nummer 40681639

Contact PEOPLE

Torben Hahn Nygaard
Phone: +45 2856 0019

John Hinrup
Phone: +45 2033 2378